Hi there, I'm Jamie.

I am a photographer who grew up on a cattle ranch, went on to get a degree in hospitality and adventure education, and continued on to build a niche for myself in dude ranching, and was honored as a recipient of COWGIRL Magazine's 30 Under 30 Program in 2022 as a dude ranch expert and western photographer.

My dude ranch career started in 2012, and I have been building wonderful relationships and a life of adventure through this industry ever since - with my most recent work being full time with the national Dude Ranchers' Association in Cody, WY.

With experience as an internationally certified riding instructor, years of food and beverage services, many certifications in ranch activities such as ropes courses, shooting sports, and more, reservations and revenue management, and concierge guest services, it is truly an all-encompassing service that I provide as a marketing photographer.


“The BEST wedding present we got for ourselves was having Jamie come to Kentucky. She is amazing in so many ways. She made every vision I have ever had for my wedding pictures come true.”

“Jamie Lee takes incredible, eye catching photographs. She got so many incredible shots that seem to take you to the scene and give you the emotions that come with it in the photograph. Jamie’s bright yet relaxed energy made shooting very enjoyable and being in front of the lens easy. I wish I had known her before my wedding, I would have hired her to come shoot that once in a lifetime day for me. I will definitely be working with her again in the future.”

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